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Other Name: 堕玄师
Released: Jul 04, 2023
Type: ONA
Fansub: Animexin Offical
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Synopsis The Fallen Master donghua anime

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The Fallen Master Characters and Plot


Chu Yue, the ace of the modern Z organization, was framed to death, and under the guidance of the system’s Nine Desolation Mirror, his soul traveled to the Nine Desolation World, and under the system’s mandatory tasks, he continued to practice and become stronger in order to survive.

While performing system tasks and practicing adventures, Chu Yue discovered the shocking secrets hidden in the original owner of the body he was wearing. As Chu Yue unearthed more and more secrets about the original owner of the body, he unexpectedly discovered that he was not the only host of the Nine Desolation Mirror System, but there were other hosts of the Nine Desolation Mirror System in the Nine Desolation World.


Chu Yue, ace dari organisasi Z modern, dijebak sehingga dia meninggal, dan di bawah bimbingan sistem Cermin Sembilan Desolasi, jiwanya melakukan perjalanan ke Dunia Sembilan Desolasi. Dia terus berlatih dan menjadi lebih kuat lewat tugas yang diberikan oleh sistem untuk bertahan hidup. Saat melakukan salah satu tugas yang diberikan sistem, Chu Yue menemukan rahasia mengejutkan yang tersembunyi mengenai pemilik asli tubuh yang dia rasuki.

Saat Chu Yue menggali semakin banyak rahasia tentang pemilik asli tubuh, dia tiba-tiba menemukan bahwa dia bukan satu-satunya tuan rumah dari Sistem Cermin Sembilan Kehancuran, tetapi ada tuan rumah lain dari Sistem Cermin Sembilan Kehancuran di Dunia Sembilan Kehancuran.

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The Fallen Master Release Date

The Fallen Master will air on April 23, 2023. It is a Sunday anime series by Bilibili. The new episode will be out at 10 am in China. Global anime fans keep track of the time zone details to enjoy the latest episode of The Fallen Master.

Where to watch The Fallen Master ?

Episodes of The Fallen Master are available through the Bilibili app. The MadeByBilibili YouTube channel has episodes of The Fallen Master available for viewing. For now, fans can watch it on Animexin here.

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The Fallen Master

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